Sunday, April 26, 2009


First of all, welcome to my Digital Nature Photography blog! I'm looking forward to sharing my photographic experiences with all of you and receiving your input in return. Many of my photos (nature and otherwise) I post to my public gallery at: .... and I likewise encourage you to visit and leave any comments you wish.

Most of my equipment is Canon -- cameras and lenses, plus I use a wide variety of peripheral accessories such as Giotto and Manfrotto tripods & heads, camera/lens bags from Lowepro, ThinkTank, etc., plus I've had very good luck with the Canadian-made Jobu gimbal mount for my long, heavy lenses. Recently I acquired the new Canon 5D Mark 2 dslr, so I've dabbled with high-def video as well......and discovered that the workflow process is quite involved. Although I've posted some of my avian video handiwork on Youtube and Vimeo, I'm loathe right now to provide the links until I've had a chance to "polish up" these rather undistinguished examples of cinemaphotography.

Stay tuned for future entries!

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